Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FOLD launches debut EP to support KIVA and TJN

Fold launches debut EP in support of Kiva & the Tax Justice Network calling for social change

Fold is a downtempo band fronted by musician and social activist Seth Mowshowitz. Mixing humanitarian voices including Martin Luther King and Kurt Vonnegut with world-weary beats and melodic, gritty sounds, Fold seeks to confront the edifice of modern society with an urgent call for change. Fold has been described by poet Mr Gee as ‘almost like a modern day blues.’

Fold have committed to giving 3/4 of their profits to two organisations dedicated to social transformation: Kiva and the Tax Justice Network.

Buying a Fold record not only funds future Fold releases but also supports concrete steps towards a fairer and more sustainable global society that places life above profit.

Fold’s debut EP We Must Speak is out digitally October 31, 2011 on all major networks worldwide (including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & Zune). You can listen to it and buy it here.


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