Thursday, October 06, 2011

Links Oct 6

Next week we'll be back with more links for you. Here for now are some on the Financial Secrecy Index - we have plenty more to come, and these are just highlights so far.

Tax haven activity 'rife', despite G20 crackdown promise Telegraph
Oct 4 - "A league table of the world's most secretive tax havens lists Switzerland as the worst offender, six weeks after the UK signed a tax transparency deal with the country."

Switzerland is in 1st Place on New List of Tax Havens Tages Anzeiger
(In German)
Oct 4 - "In the view of TJN, the G20 has failed . Two years ago, the G20 announced tackling tax evasion. Since then, very little has been done. A reason is that powerful jurisdictions within the G20 such as the UK, USA and Germany, benefit from tax haven activity"

A study points to Switzerland, Cayman Islands and Luxembourg as the most active tax havens El Pais (In Spanish)
Oct 4 - "After a detailed analysis of 72 jurisdictions, the more opaque and more significant in global financial markets, the researchers conclude that the criteria used to develop an OECD blacklist of tax havens are 'inadequate and ineffective' ".

See also - the links we brought you on Tuesday, the FSI launch day, in Financial Secrecy Index - news coverage


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