Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Swiss banker Michel Déboret fesses up

We are not surprised that Swiss bankers think that TJN has always hated Switzerland. We are also not surprised when the secretary general of the Swiss Private Banker's Association responds to our ranking Switzerland at number one on the Financial Secrecy Index by inferring a dastardly plot by scheming Brits. It also comes as no suprise that he kicks back with misleading nonsense about how they conform to international standards, which we have long argued are weak, weak, weak beyond the point of serving any useful purpose.

But we are genuinely surprised when Swiss banker Michel Dérobet confesses on World Radio Switzerland to a truth universally acknowledged: "the rules on confidentiality have been abused by people not wanting to pay their taxes." Good stuff Michel, and tomorrow we'll do shapes and colours.

And for the record, Michel, convenient as it undoubtedly is to suggest that Tax Justice Network is British, and therefore part of a plot to undermine Swiss banks, the awkward truth is that its just not true. TJN is not a British organisation, it is truly global, and if you check the details of our Board of Directors you can verify this for yourself. Also if you check the details of the research team who prepared the Financial Secrecy Index, you'll find that it includes researchers from Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, as well as the UK.

Click here to listen to the World Radio Switzerland interview (in English) with Mr Déboret.


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