Monday, October 03, 2011

UK consultation on overseas territories - with pictures

From the Hindustan Times, via Tax Research. (And remember: this is just the Overseas Territories - it misses out the Crown Dependencies, Commonwealth countries, and Hong Kong - all with deep roots and links to the City.)

And, the Hindustan Times notes (our link inserted):

"The British government on September 14 launched a consultation for a White Paper on the territories to be published next year - the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The main objective - to ensure the security and good governance of the territories and their peoples - has been agreed by the National Security Council, consisting of senior ministers, military chiefs and heads of the secret services."

(See this too, which emphasises that the UK doesn't want constitutional change, but wants instead to work out how best to help these places.)

Now good governance in these places matters - of course it does. Many are infested with corruption. But the significance of these places is in the misgovernance that they broadcast around the globe, as they take the world's money and hide it.

Why should a review not be focusing on that?


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