Friday, January 20, 2012

Conference - Fraud and Corruption

The Observatory of Fraud in Economics and Management (OBEGEF) and the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto are co-organising an inter-disciplinary conference on fraud and corruption. The conference will be hosted by the faculty of economics at the University of Porto, and is scheduled for 14-15 September 2012.

The organisers have just issued the following call for papers with details of the keynote speakers and other contributors (including TJN's director John Christensen, who is an invited keynote speaker).

The Observatory of Fraud in Economics and Management (OBEGEF) and the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto

1st OBEGEF conference – Interdisciplinary Insights on Fraud and Corruption

In September 14-15, 2012 it will be held at Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto (FEP), the 1st OBEGEF conference – Interdisciplinary Insights on Fraud and Corruption. Please consider submitting an abstract, a poster or a thesis proposal for presentation.

The deadline for abstract/paper/proposal submission is April 9.

The aim of the conference is to study fraud and corruption in an integrated way, to prevent and combat them, comparing experiences from different countries and political and cultural spaces. It is intended as a forum for experts from different scientific areas, an interlacing of experience of businessmen, academics, politicians, policemen and other professionals who may intervene in the process of fighting and preventing; building an interdisciplinary, international and multidimensional perspective.

Topics of interest for the conference are related (but not limited) to:

§ Ethical education and fraud prevention

§ Shadow economy, fraud and money laundering

§ Crime, white-collar crime and fraud

§ Social, institutional and individual dynamic of fraud

§ Fraud: frameworks, types, procedures

§ State and corruption

§ Prevention and detection of fraud. Proof

§ Fraud by social sectors

§ Other aspects of fraud

The conference will assume various forms: plenary and specialized sessions, short courses, presentations of papers and posters, panel discussions and seminars.

Keynote speakers

§ Susan Rose-Ackerman (Professor at Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence, Law School and Department of Political Science, Yale Law School, USA)

§ John Christensen (CEO Tax Justice Network, UK)

§ Michael Levi (Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University, UK)

§ Friedrich Schneider (Professor of Economics, Chair of the Department of Economics, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria)

Short courses/Master and PhD Tutorials in Forensic Accounting, Criminology and Anti-Fraud Research and Academic Integrity, led by renowned international professors and researchers will precede the conference.

Leading Professors

Forensic Accounting

§ Larry Crumbley (KPMG Endowed Professor, Department of Accounting, Louisiana State University, USA)

Academic Ethics

§ Donald L. McCabe (Professor, Management & Global Business, Rutgers Business School, USA)

§ Deborah C. Poff (President and Vice-Chancellor at Brandon University, Canada; Editor in chief on Journal of Academic Ethics and Editor of Journal of Business Ethics)

Important dates

Pre-conference (short-courses): 13rd September of 2012

Conference: 14th and 15th of September of 2012

Location: Porto, Portugal

Deadline for abstract/poster/proposals submission: 9th April of 2012

Deadline for full paper submission: 30th July of 201

Conference fee: 100 € (normal) / 50 € (students)

Papers will be published in Conference Proceedings with an ISBN number and will be considered for a publication in an edited volume.

Awards of 500€ will be attributed to the best paper, best poster and best thesis proposal.




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