Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Links Jan 4

You can run, but fewer places to hide tax Sydney Morning Herald
Jan 5 - "It has been a long, expensive and occasionally brutal war but as Project Wickenby enters its sixth year there are signs the federal government's much-pilloried multi-agency taskforce investigating the abuse of tax havens by rich Australians is beginning to scare people straight." See more on Project Wickenby here.

If you don’t believe Tax Justice Network has changed the Isle of Man then read what they say Tax Research UK
Jan 4 - Richard Murphy on: "The Isle of Man News has a fascinating article asking whether the pressure has been taken off the Isle of Man now on tax matters", and he highlights how Tax Justice Network has generated change.

Philippines: Tax evaders, smugglers getting more sophisticated ABS CBN news

Jan 2 - "Topping the list of schemes used by corrupt officials is the formation of dummies.Often these individuals set up corporations, law offices and third persons for their properties so that they do not have to declare these properties in their statement of assets and liabilities management (SALM). The dummies become the owners on paper of land assets, vehicles, and other accumulated wealth instead of the individuals themselves"

Barclays 'risks backlash' unless tax affairs simplified The Telegraph
Jan 3 - Barclays has been warned that its reputation is being "tarnished" by the persistent use of "complicated financial structures" to boost profits. Hat tip: Offshore Watch.

Meet the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers #2: Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce, 'We're Not Broke' Indie Wire
Jan 4 - " 'We're Not Broke' (competing in the U.S. Documentary Program) is a documentary from New York filmmakers Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce, who initially wondered if anyone would ever want to watch a movie about corporate income tax." FACT Coalition members have been supporting this documentary film.

Corporations shouldn't be people - Congressmen and women should be Hattiesburg American
Jan 2 - On a "tenet that arises from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ... individuals entitled to the same rights and privileges as you and I. If this is so, then perhaps Mr. General Electric and Mrs. Exxon Mobil could pay federal income taxes at least at the same rate as do retirees living on Social Security and pensions..."


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