Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guidelines for commenters

We welcomes comments and will publish reasonable or constructive comments that contribute to discussion, including those that strongly criticise the blog itself or comments posted to the blog.

We moderate comments and none will be posted before having been checked and approved by our editorial team. This might occasionally cause delay: please bear with us.

The editorial team applies the following guidelines:

We prefer commenters to identify themselves, but this is not required.

TJN’s blog attracts a wide readership. Comments which we deem needlessly offensive or containing inappropriate language, or considered by us to be just plain rude, might not be accepted for publication.

Personal attacks, either targeting the blogger or a commenter, will not be permitted.

Blogs are intended to inform or open a conversation. Comments that do not add to the conversation, or repeat a point previously made ad nauseam, or which go off on a totally different tangent, might not be accepted for publication.

Links are accepted when they are strictly relevant to the stream of the blog conversation. Links to commercial websites are generally not accepted. Spam is always deleted.

If a commenter is not happy with the decisions of the editorial team, s/he can raise a complaint with the TJN Board of Directors, which has the final say in the matter.

We reserve the right to block commenters who persistently abuse our good nature.


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