Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Links Feb 29

UK urged to support Zambia's tax-raising from multinationals Guardian
Feb 29 - Zambian NGO Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) has urged the UK to continue its support for Zambia's tax authority to ensure that more revenue is raised from mining companies and other multinationals.

CNBC’s New Documentary ‘Filthy Rich’ Task Force Blog
Feb 24 - On the CNBC documentary, “Filthy Rich“, that featured Task Force Coordinating Committee members Global Witness and Transparency International and Task Force Allied Organization SHERPA.

The EU tax gap – new evidence shows there is €1 trillion of lost revenue to target to save our futures from despair Tax Research UK
Feb 29 - New report prepared by Richard Murphy for Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament. The report suggests that the EU tax gap is €1 trillion of which more than €850 billion is evasion.

10 Years Later, Tax Evasion Threatens to Undermine the Euro Task Force Blog

Feb 28 - Commentary on "the 10th anniversary of Euro as the zone’s single currency ... There are many reasons why the Eurozone is facing crisis. Here at the Task Force, we find it important to focus on one major component: tax evasion."

Romania Gets Tough On Tax Evasion Tax-News

Feb 28 - "Following hot on the heels of a recent announcement by Romania’s new Prime Minister Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu of plans to clamp down on rampant tax evasion in the country, around 30 individuals have been arrested on suspicion of tax avoidance amounting to an estimated EUR20m (USD27m)." Hat tip: Offshore Watch.

France excludes Costa Rica from tax-haven list tico times

Feb 29 - "According to a note signed by French Ambassador to Costa Rica Fabrice Delloye, 'Costa Rica no longer appears on the French list of uncooperative states and territories on tax matters," which is a big step for government efforts to achieve international standards in tax transparency'". Costa Rica ranks 41st on TJN's Financial Secrecy Index.

Evade tax, go to jail - Joint Tax Board warns Nigerian Tribune
Feb 29 - "The era of tax evasion by individuals and corporate organisations in Nigeria would soon be over, as the Joint Tax Board (JTB) has rolled out various penalties ranging from fines to outright imprisonment of defaulters."

UK: George Osborne drafts new law on corporate tax dodgers Guardian
Feb 28 - "A new law against corporate tax dodging will be announced in George Osborne's budget next month in the chancellor's latest effort to crack down on corporate tax avoidance after the Treasury shut down two schemes this week that Barclays used to avoid at least £500m of tax ... Richard Murphy, of the Tax Justice Network, derided the idea as "window dressing".

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Barclays have made the case for full country-by-country reporting Tax Research UK

Feb 29 - Commentary following an editorial in The Guardian that states "The Barclays tale cries out for a sweeping response. Not merely the specific legislation to claw back the lost cash which is now on the way, but also a firm obligation on every company to publish what tax it pays where, as well as a full-blooded general anti-avoidance law, and not merely the heavily qualified alternative that is in the works..."

I can live with being in at number 13 on the twitter financial ranking Tax Research UK
Feb 29 - Welcome news that Richard Murphy has been ranked number 13 on the list of top financial influencers in the UK. The list has been prepared by new Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Economia.


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