Thursday, March 01, 2012

Links Mar 1

Switzerland: Heated debate delivers tax assistance law swissinfo
Feb 29 - "Swiss banking secrecy laws have been further eased, with parliament passing a law on tax cooperation and backing - in principle - a special deal with the United States."

At the LSE: cutting corporate taxes right now is insane Treasure Islands

Mar 1 - Nick Shaxson, invited to blog for the London School of Economics, on "The corporation tax is under attack. It must be defended."

EITI in the US: why only on federal lands? OpenOil
Feb 29 - "Better transparency in the regulation of extractive industries in federal areas is a good thing, to be sure. But it would be a shame if EITI implementation in the world’s third-leading oil supplier applied to only a minority of its production ..."

RTL at the heart of the brigade that seeks out tax evaders RTL France (In French)
Mar 1 - French arm of Luxembourg-based media group reports on the collaboration with police and tax officials to track down major tax evaders, focusing on those who use shell companies, secrecy jurisdictions and other opaque financial structures. Hat tip: Mathilde Dupré.

Force Canadian banks to disclose operations related to Africa Embassy
Feb 29 - "Canadian banks should disclose their operations involving private and public officials from Africa, and the Harper government should hold them accountable if they hide corrupt money" says Léonce Ndikumana. Hat tip: Jamie Kneen.

Some news via ATAF's Kodi Katika Afrika, hat tip: Sandra Kidwingira:

Tanzania Revenue Authority decries lack of awareness The Citizen
Feb 22 - "Lack of awareness on taxation matters is one of the major drawbacks to revenue collection in the country, according to the Tanzania Revenue Authority."

Ghana: Stability shields ...the uneven impact of new mining taxes Joy Online

Feb 21 - "Questions of equity are beginning to emerge over tax-hikes in the mining industry as companies wielding so-called stability agreements appear to be protected and less aggrieved."

South Africa: Tax dodgers watch out, SARS is after you Business Live

Feb 22 - "...the recent Voluntary Disclosure Programme has attracted around 18,000 applications and yielded almost one billion rand in additional tax, it has also provided insights into areas of non-compliance that will be receiving focused attention."


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