Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Links Mar 21

Fair Shares? BBC World Service
Mar 9 - Interview with Savior Mwambwa of the Centre for Trade Policy and Development in Zambia. "It has always been one of the great ironies of international development that some of the poorest countries on earth have the greatest riches. Many African, Asian and South American nations have vast reserves of natural resources. So why don't they get more of the profits from exploiting them? ... the key problem is tax avoidance by international companies."

A network that advocates for tax justice El País (In Spanish)
Mar 21 - A major article featuring TJN, and issues of tax and inequality with a focus on Latin America.

Argentina: Lafuente of fortune, the unresolved debate over the inheritance tax Cronista
(In Spanish)
Mar 16 - On the debate about whether inheritance tax should be imposed within Argentina, and the argument that this would help reduce inequality. Hat tip: Jorger Gaggero.

What is the key to longevity in countries with higher life expectancy infobae
(In Spanish)
Mar 19 - Note that the countries listed with highest life expectancy in the world are secrecy jurisdictions - the question is why? Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero.

Analysis: Swiss banks still draw rich despite secrecy blows Reuters
Mar 20 - Note the Swiss Private Banking trend: " ...the country has managed to compensate by attracting clients among the new wealthy in booming emerging markets like Latin America and the Middle East and Africa."

India: Income-Tax sleuths to be posted in offshore havens to track evaders The Economic Times
Mar 20 - "Tax officers will be posted in offshore havens and various countries to spot suspicious transactions by Indian residents who use these jurisdictions to escape tax and launder money." Hat tip: Offshore Watch.

U.S.: Loopholes for Sale: Campaign Contributions by Corporate Tax Dodgers Citizens for Tax Justice
Mar 21 - "Citizens for Tax Justice and U.S. PIRG’s new report Loopholes for Sale pursues the intersection of corporate campaign contributions to members of Congress and the absence of Congressional action to close corporate tax loopholes and raise additional revenue from corporate taxes."

U.S.: IRS forms "SWAT team" for tax dodger crackdown Reuters
Mar 21 - "The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is staffing up with high-powered talent to crack down on companies shifting profits from country to country to lower their tax bills, a strategy the agency has targeted before with only limited success."

Apple says $60 billion will remain overseas until US tax law changes The Hill
Mar 19 - "Apple made an aggressive pitch for a corporate tax holiday Monday, stressing that it plans to keep more than $60 billion parked offshore until Congress makes it easier for companies to bring those profits home." Hat tip: Holly Sklar. See recent Apple-related blog from Nick Shaxson here.

UK: Closing Stamp Duty loophole should just be the start Red Brick

Mar 20 - Interesting commentary on addressing inequality. Hat tip: Carol Wilcox, Labour Land Campaign.

See also"
94,000 properties. How many prosecutions for the crimes they hide? Tax Research UK

Mar 21 - Richard Murphy comments on "According to some reports The Land Registry has calculated that in the past 12 years a total of 94,760 properties have effectively been placed offshore and beyond the reach of the taxman...."


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