Monday, March 26, 2012

Links Mar 26

Written Evidence: Tax in Developing Countries: Increasing Resources for Development UK Parliament
Links to written submissions to the UK government's International Development Committee.

Report on Round-Table on Fiscal Policy, Growth and Inequality, LatinDADD

Final version of the report on the roundtable on “Fiscal policy, growth and inequality” on September 7 and 8, in Lima, Peru, organised by Latindadd, in collaboration with the Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies (ICEFI), Poder Ciudadano, Christian Aid, Tax Justice Network and the Hemispheric Working Group on Trade - Finance Linkages. Hat tip: María José Romero.

India: Taxman's GAAR spooks mkt: Mauritius invsts under threat? Moneycontrol
Mar 26 - "This has been made very clear by the government as a general principle that India will not allow the use of tax havens - where this is used as a tax saving route or tax evasion route."

See also:
Mauritius tax haven over, foreign investment could be hurt: Experts NDTV Profit
Mar 26 - "The government has decided to follow ‘substance over form".

Canadians have $100M stashed in Liechtenstein CTV News
Mar 26 - "Tax evaders from around the world have been investigated, fined and jailed for trying to hide their wealth in Liechtenstein, but a senator says Canadians suspected of using bank accounts there to dodge the taxman are getting off easy ..."

G20 Update - Monthly Newsletter Heinrich Boell Foundation
February edition: "Highlights plans for the upcoming Mexican Summit, the trade union movement’s G20 agenda, an analysis of the G20’s “financial inclusion” initiative, provocative questions about the G20’s development agenda and questions about the G20’s readiness to tackle the causes of the global food crisis"

"Fiscal Devaluation" and Fiscal Consolidation: The VAT in Troubled Times IMF
Mar 1 - Includes assessing:"the wider scope for VAT reform in meeting fiscal consolidation needs, developing and beginning to apply a methodology for finding additional VAT revenue in ways less distortionary and fairer than further raising the standard rate."

New Facebook page for New Rules for Global Finance
New Facebook page launched for New Rules - this will be an public forum to debate and discuss issues pertinent to global finance and economics.


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