Monday, April 16, 2012

Links Apr 16

Workshop on Tax Justice and Women: Examining Gender Inequalities in the Tax System Jubilee South - Asia Pacific Movement on Debt & Development
Announcing workshop on April 21 in Istanbul, Turkey, that aims to examine justice issues in tax structures and policies with a special focus on gender justice and impacts on women.

Spain Targets Tax Fraud to Counter a Recession New York Times
Apr 13 - "The Spanish government approved a number of measures on Friday to crack down on tax fraud as part of its efforts to reassure investors that Madrid can replenish the public coffers by bringing to the surface some of the country’s hidden wealth."

See also:
Spain Unveils Anti-Tax Fraud Plan Tax-News
Apr 16 - "Spain’s Council of Ministers has recently examined the government’s anti-fraud plan, aimed at combating the hidden economy and tax fraud, by setting limits on cash payments, and by obliging taxpayers to declare their accounts and assets located overseas."

U.S.: Six Rigged Rules Corporations Use to Dodge Taxes The Nation
Apr 13 - Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson of the Institute for Policy Studies report: "AT&T, Boeing, Citigroup, Duke Energy and Ford collectively reported more than $20 billion of US pre-tax income last year, yet none of them paid a dime in federal income taxes. Instead, they claimed refunds of more than $1.3 billion from the IRS. These corporations are not alone in turning tax dodging into a competitive sport..."

The real genius of Apple: Tax avoidance The Baltimore Sun
Apr 9 - Scott Klinger reports: "Apple has gone on a very public tax strike. Months after reporting the second-highest quarterly profits in U.S. history, America's favorite company is refusing to bring home more than $60 billion of offshore funds in protest of the taxes it would have to pay."

U.S.: New CTJ Report: Tax Tips with Mitt Citizens for Tax Justice
Apr 13 - For those wishing they could pay less tax - "some tax planning ideas taken from a review of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s tax returns."

Big No-Tax Corps Just Keep on Dodging Citizens for Tax Justice
Apr 9 - "Last November, Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy issued a major study of the federal income taxes paid, or not paid, by 280 big, profitable Fortune 500 corporations. That report found, among other things, that 30 of the companies paid no net federal income tax from 2008 through 2010. New information for 2011 shows that almost all these 30 companies have maintained their tax dodging ways."

British aristocracy, banks running offshore company rackets Treasure Islands

Apr 10 - Nick Shaxson makes important observations on The Economist's articles here and here on shell corporations (also linked recently).

The 9 Trillion Dollar Loophole Coupons-org

Apr 12 - Nice infographic on "the most popular and shocking tax havens in the world".

Kant and the Ethics of Taxation Social Science Research Network

Apr 5 - An article that addresses "the normative basis Kant provides for taxation".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, the spanish is far cry from being an example. The have approved a tax amnesty and although the government claim to fight tax fraud it is cutting staff in the tax authority.
And things like this happen now and then. Pay attention to this:
"Hacienda cambia de criterio y protege las inversiones de Telefónica" published in the page 29 of Expansion Apr 16 about the amortization deduction of indirect goodwill.

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