Thursday, April 19, 2012

Links Apr 19

Austria and Switzerland sign deal protecting bank secrecy Eurodad
Apr 19 - On Switzerland signing a ‘Rubik’ deal with Austria which protects banks secrecy in return for an anonymous tax being returned to Austria, and "makes public a covert Swiss-Austrian alliance to block EU cooperation against tax dodgers and prevent automatic exchange of tax information between European governments." This is similar to the Rubik deals made with the UK and Germany - see TJN analysis.

European Parliament votes to tackle tax fraud Tax Research UK
Apr 19 - Reporting on a welcome further step in the right direction on a number of fronts. "Tax systems should be made more effective and efficient and backed by better collection and more intensive efforts to combat tax fraud and evasion, say MEPs in a resolution adopted on Thursday by 538 votes in favour to 73 against and 32 abstentions."

Big companies pay a lower tax rate on their profits than people pay on their pasties Tax Research UK
Apr 19 - Richard Murphy on a press release by the UK's Trades Union Congress (TUC) - “Many multi-national companies are paying a lower rate of tax on their profits than most people pay on their income or when buying items subject to VAT, the TUC says today (Thursday) as it urges the government to launch a comprehensive review of the tax system to ensure that everyone pays their fair share."

UK: Revenue to appear in court over Goldman Sachs 'sweetheart' deal Guardian
Apr 18 - Welcome news: "Judge supports UK Uncut's challenge to HMRC agreement to waive charges on bank's debt in 2010."

America's Dumbest Tax Loophole: The Florida Rent-a-Cow Scam The Atlantic

Apr 17 - "Each year, big time developers in the sunshine state save millions in property taxes by, yes, renting cattle."

International Competitiveness Who Competes against Whom and for What? Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
Jan 10 - "This paper defines competitiveness as a contest between nations for scarce and mobile resources and explores how different tax policies may help or hinder efforts to attract high-skilled labor, capital investment, and headquarters of multinational corporations."


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