Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Links May 1

Treaties that gave away the store The Hindu
Apr 27 - "As India grapples with the Vodafone and 2G fallout, the Bilateral Investment Treaties it signed a few years ago are coming back to haunt it."

PACE seeks global tax transparency and stronger policies on tax havens Council of Europe

Apr 27 - "The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has demanded a series of steps to end what it calls “massive tax avoidance, evasion and fraud” caused by secrecy jurisdictions, tax havens and offshore financial centres." Hat tip: Bruno Gurtner.

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Why the European Parliament and Council of Europe resolutions on tax havens are important Tax Research UK

Apr 30 - "Those who support tax havens and dislike fair markets (and that’s most on the right wing of politics) were keen to point out that resolutions in the last couple of weeks in the European Parliament and Council of Europe had no meaning as they were not binding on anyone. They are wrong. They have meaning as they send out powerful political signals."

Fact Sheet: What You Need to Know about America's Tax System Citizens for Tax Justice
Apr 16 - "This one page fact sheet includes the information you need to understand the debates taking place around Tax Day.  Read the fact sheet."

United States: foreign customers of U.S. banks could be forced to declare their accounts to the IRS RTS
(In French)
Apr 17 - Report on Swiss TV on the non-resident alien deposit issue, interviewing Heather Lowe of Global Financial Integrity.

How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes New York Times
Apr 28 - Report by Pulitzer prizewinner David Kocieniewski - "Without such tactics, Apple’s federal tax bill in the United States most likely would have been $2.4 billion higher last year, according to a recent study by a former Treasury Department economist, Martin A. Sullivan."

No Amnesty for Corporate Tax Dodgers! Citizens for Tax Justice
Apr 25 - "Representing a remarkable defeat for corporate tax dodgers, a spokesman for the so-called "Win America Campaign" confirmed this week that it has “temporarily suspended” its lobbying for a tax repatriation amnesty. The coalition of mostly high-tech companies pushed for months for a tax amnesty for repatriated offshore corporate profits."

UK: Prince Andrew opens 'super-rich' bank for pal who helped clear Fergie's debts Mirror

Apr 29 - "Andrew’s trip to the tax haven to open a new branch of Mr Rowland’s Banque Havilland again raises concerns about the Duke’s use of his royal ­position ... senior Labour MP Paul Flynn criticised the Duke for giving his “seal of approval” to a bank in the tax haven. He said: “There is a large ­question over how minor royals use their connections, whichlack transparency, to support such regimes." Hat tip: Offshore Watch.

IoM Contributes To UK Tax Transparency Program Tax-News

May 1 - "The Isle of Man government has recently participated in an initiative funded by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office to provide training to the British Overseas Territories of Montserrat and Anguilla to help them meet their international obligations on tax information exchange."

Occupy G20? Heinrich Boell Foundation
"The April G20 Update (EN) (ESP) describes perspectives on (and plans for) engagement by civil society organizations (CSOs) in activities related to the Mexican G20 Summit in June; the Argentine CSO platform on the G20; how two CSO leaders in Indonesia and India view the G20; and recommendations to the G20 from business, labor, and citizens' groups."


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