Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Links May 22

Tax havens and social economy at the EESC plenary session European Economic and Social Committee
Plenary session 23-24 May 2012 - At the 481st plenary session of the EESC, the Committee will vote on important opinions regarding financial and tax havens, social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. You can follow the plenary session live via this link.

Tax Inspectors Without Borders: A Seriously Good Idea Governance and Development

May 22 - "As some NGO have long argued, there is a need for some kind of international tax helicopter force to come to the aid of outgunned tax agencies at critical moments." See recent TJN blog on this issue. Hat tip Martin Hearson. 

Aussie taxman targets NZ trusts stuff.co.nz - Business DayMay 21 - "The Australia Taxation Office has New Zealand trusts in its sights as part of its huge Project Wickenby tax avoidance probe." See info on Project Wickenby here and here.

Argentina: Interview with Jorge Gaggero Miradas al Sur (In Spanish)
May 20 - Jorge Gaggero comments on regressive taxation and inequality, and the need for reform of the corporate tax system in tandem with improved control of monopolies.

See also:
The countryside wants to earn more and pay less Miradas al Sur
(In Spanish)
May 20 - On absurdities and inequality in the tax system.

'Vulture funds' circle as Greece fears grow The Independent
May 17 - "An American tax exile living in the Cayman Islands has emerged as a winner from the chaos engulfing Greece ... Kenneth Dart, the Michigan-born heir to a disposable cups fortune, was handed an estimated €400m (£320m) cheque from Greece this week."

Tackle Tax havens Canada Canadians for Tax Fairness
A call to action for Canada to take a lead in tackling tax havens.

Flat taxes – a great way to help the poorest pay for the richest Guardian
May 22 - Richard Murphy analyses the Taxpayer’s Alliance proposal for a flat tax in the UK.

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling' Rolling Stone Taibblog
May - We've commented before on challenges faced by conscientious bank compliance officers, as were highlighted in the excellent report by Global Witness Undue Diligence: How Banks Do Business with Corrupt Regimes. This piece highlights disdain for compliance.

Shell’s obscure payments kill its case for weak US and EU transparency laws Global Witness
May 20 - "The details of payments agreed by Shell to the Nigerian Government for a controversial oil deal expose the urgent need for the very transparency measures which Shell is currently opposing."

Bank of England commissions new whitewash Treasure Islands
May 22 - Nicholas Shaxson comments on a story as reported in the Financial Times BoE bows to pressure for probes.


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