Friday, May 25, 2012

Links May 25

Capital inflows: Tax accord with Switzerland may bring in billions Financial Times (subscription required)
May 15 - On Rubik - Friedrich Rödler, head of PwC in Austria "concedes that the deal – and Switzerland’s success at negotiating such arrangements – is indirectly helpful to Austria, as the country, like Switzerland, has a tradition of bank secrecy it wants to preserve."

What happened to the list of 3000 tax evaders? Le novel observateur (In French)
May 23 - On the decryption of files from an HSBC whistleblower, reporting on suggestions that the list of names was manipulated by the French police and other authorities to keep hidden the names of certain holders of secret accounts.

Bank Wegelin shirks second court hearing swissinfo
May 24 - "Wegelin is accused of helping its clients hide more than $1.2 billion (SFr1.15 billion) in offshore bank accounts ... The indictment of Wegelin, which was founded in 1741, marks the first time that the US has accused a foreign bank – rather than individuals – of helping Americans commit tax fraud."

Eurovision puts Azerbaijan under the spotlight The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

May 22 - On corruption and human rights abuses in Azerbaijan, with the ruling class amassing "fabulous wealth and a string of companies in Panama."

U.S.: To Know the Gas Tax Is To Love the Gas Tax Citizens for Tax Justice
May 25 - "It’s also important that motorists realize gas taxes are not to blame for those high prices, and that gas taxes are absolutely essential to the safety and efficiency of the infrastructure we use everyday."

See also;
The Pigou Club Manifesto Greg Mankiw's blog

May 25 - Interesting to note support for the gas tax on both sides of the political spectrum - see this commentary by Greg Mankiw, formerly chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush, and economic adviser to Mitt Romney.

MEPs back financial transaction tax Irish Times
May 23 - "Parliament has been calling for this tax for almost two years with the latest Eurobarometer survey showing that 66 per cent of Europeans are in favour of it. The author of the proposal, Greek Socialist Anni Podimata, said the tax should go ahead even if some member states object to it. “'We cannot be held hostage by a few countries.'”


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