Saturday, June 09, 2012

Shine a light - new CbC campaign in Australia

Micah Challenge in Australia has launched a campaign in support of country-by-country reporting, linked to information about tax dodging through tax havens. Take a look at their new video.

As they say:
"Tax is the primary source of income for developing nations to provide essential services to their citizens – services we all need, like health care, education, aged care, clean water and roads. When multinational companies and wealthy individuals avoid paying taxes, everyone else (including the poor) have to either pay more tax or go without essential services. The impact on developing countries is devastating, denying them the money they need to be self-sufficient and making them dependent on aid and debt. It truly is a case of the rich getting richer while the poor miss out.
 Find out more here about their campaign, which is offering a number of initiatives where you can join in. See their factsheet about Country by Country (CbC) reporting, here.  And for more background on this crucial issue, see our own CbC page here.


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