Friday, July 13, 2012

Links - 10-12th July 2012

 The Africa Report - 11 July 2012
Christine Lagarde claims to support Africans, who are in a far more dire position than Greece or the Eurozone, but actually it has been the Bretton Woods organisations that have fed Africa on a “Hollywood-starvation-diet”.  Khadija Sharife reports here.

The Nation – 11 July 2012
Following on from Nick Shaxson’s investigation of Mitt Romney’s financial affairs in the August edition of Vanity Fair, this article exposes the highest echelons of tax haven abuse, and possible illegal financial activity by a President-to-be.

 This Day (Live) – 11 July 2012
Dr. Dereje Alemayehu, Chair of the African Steering committee for TJN, has estimated that Africa loses $333.778 billion each year from capital flight, tax evasion and other illicit financial activity that pours out of the continent. Read on here.

Business Today – 10 July 2012
Barclays, already under scrutiny for Libor and Euribor interest rate rigging scandals, is now also embroiled in an outsourcing scam to avoid paying millions in tax.  Business Today reports from India.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – 10 July 2012
Through persistent lobbying from the insurance industry, the government has accepted watered down schemes which create major restrictions to middle and lower-paid workers, forcing them to seek alternatives. The Bureau presents its findings here.

Economy Watch – 12 July 2012
The European loses approximately 1 trillion ever year as a result of tax evading and avoiding strategies, and hidden away in offshore havens, but is it possible to recover this stolen money?  Economy Watch explores the Curse of the Treasure Islands.


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