Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Links Jul 3

Where the Money Lives Vanity Fair
Jul 3 - Nicholas Shaxson delves into the murky world of offshore finance and presidential candidate Mitt Romney's financial affairs ...  involving Cayman bank accounts, Swiss trustees, Bahamas trusts, Panama corporations ...
Note that Huffington Post front page today leads with Nick's article, citing CTJ's Rebecca Wilkins: “It is shocking that a presidential candidate should think that is O.K.”

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The British Virgin Islands’ Box 438: The Best-Connected, Tax-Friendliest Address in the World? Vanity Fair

Jul 3 - "It’s actually an office in a stuccoed building in Tortola’s banking district where agents assist companies hoping to incorporate or set up trusts in a tax-friendly jurisdiction..." See the web of political connections of people who use it.

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What's In Romney's Offshore Accounts? The Nation

Jul 3 - "Shaxson does not allege that Romney or Bain has ever broken the law. But the public has a right to know about ethics and probity, not mere legality, of Romney’s personal and professional financial history."

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Is Mitt Romney Secretly Stashing Money In Offshore Bank Accounts? Business Insider

Jul 3 - “What Romney does not get,” Washington lawyer and offshore expert Jack Blum told VF, “isthat this stuff is weird.” - Jack Blum is Chair of TJN-USA.

Keep the Dictators Out of Malibu New York Times

Jul 2 - "Despots and crooks love to bring their money to America, not only for prestige but also because our corporate secrecy laws, like those of Switzerland and Luxembourg, make it almost impossible for law enforcement agencies to figure out who has money sheltered here. So long as those loopholes remain open, ... there is nothing to prevent future Mr. Obiangs from laundering their money in the United States."

Australian Tax Office targets Pacific tax havens Radio Australia

Jul 3 - "Business executives hoping to hide their income in Pacific tax havens have been put on notice by the Australian Taxation Office ... they are the next targets of Project Wickenby." See recent blog.

Money Laundering Tip: If they don’t serve the time you haven’t done the crime Eurodad

Jul 3 - On why the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) recommendation that tax crimes be made a money laundering predicate offence should be adopted worldwide.

New chair of HMRC is former KPMG senior partner Tax Research UK
Jul 3 - The revolving door continues to turn. 

Pass notes No 3,203: Liechtenstein Guardian
Jul 3 - "Voters in the principality voted overwhelmingly in favour of the hereditary monarch's right to ignore the results of their referendums. Why?"

Links from TJN-Germany - see here.


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just wanted a position to place a comment really, to tell you that your blog sucks. won't even argue the stupid arguments you have placed here - truth is self evident. what have you or anyone else for the matter done to deserve a slice of my money?? if someone delivers a product i like i buy it but no one is entitled to the fruits of my labour for free - and i am entitled to preserve the wealth that I generate. so go out there and start working your arse off to make a buck or two - tax evasion, at any cost is now a MORAL IMPERATIVE - governments have no right to spend my money as if there's no tomorrow. i work - i earn - i keep. is that too difficult for you to comprehend??? God bless tax havens - they are the last refuge of the hard working man.

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