Monday, July 23, 2012

Reasoned debate. Not

While we wait for reasoned debate from the supporters of tax havens, you might like this sample of the toxic nonsense that's pouring into our mailboxes at the moment:

I heard the good news today, you've found out 21 trillion is hidden in tax havens. Good for them! I say great! Governments just waste money anyway, better that the rightful owners not have it stolen from them by the evil governments of the world (all government is evil).
Thank you for brightening my day! I will now aim to stash some money myself! Good to know these options are available.
And you're wrong by the way, poverty is not caused by tax evasion. That is a fucking false claim on your shitty organization's behalf.
Go to hell,

(as always these courageous crusaders hide behind false identities: in this case


Anonymous Very ordinary taxpayer said...

Glad you put that up. It will help me to persuade other people that there is work for us non-accountants and non-lawyers to do countering attitudes like that wherever we may happen across them. Very motivating. Good move.

Congrats on the new report and the Observer coverage, by the way. This gets more exciting by the day. Better than the movies. We'll try and help keep the momentum up.

12:50 am  
Blogger Physiocrat said...

Where is all this health hidden, exactly? What does it consist of? Are you talking about pieces of eight in iron bound chests buried under the spot marked X on a parchment chart?

2:33 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

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