Thursday, August 23, 2012

Call for Papers Panel on Capital Controls in London in November

Panel on Capital Controls at the 2012 DSA Conference

Panel Title: Reviving the Debate: Capital Controls as Development Policy Instrument? 3rd November 2012 | London

Panel Organisers:
  • Daniela Gabor, University of the West of England
  • Annina Kaltenbrunner, University of Leeds Business School
  • Juan Pablo Painceira, Central Bank of Brazil

A section from the abstract reads:

"This panel aims to explore the role of capital controls as macroeconomic management and development policy tools. To do so, it aims to contrast recent experiences of capital control measures across a diverse set of countries from around the globe. The analytical focus lies on the nature and type of these countries’ financial integration, their consequent capital management techniques, and the evaluation of their success in regaining economic autonomy and managing the exchange rate. In addition, the recent surge in international capital flows has renewed interest in the global governance of capital flows.

The panel thus also welcomes reflections on the political economy of the process of global coordination and regulation of capital flows. The panel aims to make both a contribution to the academic debate on capital controls and to generate important policy implications for developing countries negotiating their financial integration path in the international economy."

Read the full abstract here. Hat tip: Peter Chowla.


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