Thursday, August 30, 2012

Greece's ex-PM: we'd have avoided bailout if it were not for tax havens

From the UK Telegraph:
"Papandreou told the opening of Socialist International's four-yearly conference that $21 trillion was hidden in tax havens around the world.

"Whether it is in developed or developing nations, it is our citizens that are being robbed," he said, saying this "plain robbery" denied governments the capacity to invest in areas like welfare and education."
That $21 trillion, of course, is our number, which still stands tall now that the world has had the chance to look at it and try to pick it apart. Papandreou has more:
"Yet Europe, the G8, G20, the banking system despite my pleas as prime minister, despite token reference in our council of G20 decisions, have done nothing to change this."
Absolutely, and as we have long argued. Sign that man up to TJN.


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