Monday, August 20, 2012

Intertax - An Apology (UPDATED)

Updated, August 21, after internal investigations

We would like to apologise to our Intertax subscribers - and others who never asked to receive any communications from us - who have suffered a stream of emails bouncing through the system since the early evening of Friday 17th August.

We were alerted to this problem early on Saturday morning, but not before hundreds of emails had bounced across the system - many from people who are not on the system. We have checked the system and can rule out technical failures, which suggests the problem may well have stemmed from an email generating an inordinate number of responses, flooding inboxes and catalysing some less than polite language from one or two respondents. Some more emails appeared on Monday morning, but we think that outbreak has now been contained.

We are confident that the problem has now been solved definitively. Once again, our sincerest apologies for all the irritation it has caused.


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