Thursday, August 09, 2012

Voice of Art Presents: The Tax Dodgers: Part 1 & Part 2

Via email, from Rebecca Wilkins at Citizens for Tax Justice in Washington, D.C.:
Voice of Art Presents: The Tax Dodgers: Part 1 & Part 2
Voice of Art, the documentary series on Pharrell Williams' YouTube channel I Am Other, is releasing its new episode titled “The Tax Dodgers”. The episode features the mock-baseball team called The Tax Dodgers as they unleash their guerrilla street theater to raise public awareness of some of today’s most important social issues: corporate tax evasion and corporate control of the political system.

Appearing with the Tax Dodgers members throughout the episode are Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men, former Philadelphia police Captain Ray Lewis, corporate crime writer Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, Carol Wells of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Bob McIntyre of Citizens for Tax Justice, Doug Clopp of Common Cause and the protesters of Occupy Wall Street.


Viewers meet artist Gan Golan: co-creator of the NYT bestseller Goodnight Bush, The Adventures of Unemployed Man, and the Tax Dodgers baseball performance team. His subversive art tactics develop through his student-activist years at MIT, battling the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico, and eventually taking on powerful corporations alongside Occupy Wall Street.


Wall Street's least favorite baseball team "The Tax Dodgers" prepare their performance tactics for a big upcoming game. Citizens for Tax Justice illustrate the problem of corporate tax dodging, a former police captain fights against "corporate sociopaths," and The Yes Men and Common Cause detail the corporate hijacking of the US political system through devious means.

The episode will be released in four parts, on the following Friday schedule:
Part 1: 7/27, Part 2: 8/3, Part 3: 8/10, Part 4: 8/17


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