Monday, September 10, 2012

Greece, Philip Green and "Business Olympians"

Greece is much in the news today (see here, for example), and we've just picked up this blog by Simon Hickman about his recent encounter with Britain's favourite tax dodger on the Greek island of Skiathos.  Strolling by the harbour, Simon recognised tax dodger Philip Green's modest yacht Lionheart (above) moored at the quay and gallantly reached for a poster to start an impromptu demo.  What else are holidays for, if not for enjoying a bit of well-targetted activism?  Bravo Simon; the Uncut movement has a long reach. 

Reflecting on Philip Green triggered thoughts about the lead story in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, which cited a Tory government minister calling for business leaders to be feted as Olympic champions. Describing business leaders as "Olympian champions", Michael Fallon trotted out the old stuff about "We need to get away from the politics of envy in this country and salute those who not only create wealth but risk their own money to create jobs for other people." 

TJN is definitely not anti-business, and in the spirit of celebrating the Olympian qualities of the afore-mentioned Philip 'the tax dodger' Green we offer the following holiday snap shot:

Read Simon Hickman's blog here.

Read Michael Fallon's interview in the Sunday Telegraph here.


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