Thursday, September 13, 2012

Links Sep 13

Switzerland Stands Firm On German Tax Deal Tax-News
Sep 13 - "Following increased international action to dilute banking secrecy, wealthy foreigners with money invested in Swiss bank accounts are said to be withdrawing money from the Confederation in droves, to avoid the advances of the domestic tax authorities."

Dealmaking cameo may prove lucrative for fixer Blair Reuters
Sep 11 - On Glencore, Qatar, and the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. "Many of his former political allies find his globetrotting hunt for personal wealth to be an embarrassment. "My only comment is that I hope he's paying British taxes on what he's earned," lawmaker John Mann, from Blair's Labour Party, told Reuters."

Want to avoid your responsibilities to the world? Why not move to St Kitts? Tax Research UK
Sep 13 - " As an example of a secrecy jurisdiction literally putting itself and its regulation - right down to citizenship – up for sale this one takes some beating."

Hungary a secret tax haven for Czech firms Prague Daily Monitor
Sep 11 - "Hungary has become a secret tax haven for Czech companies as the number of Czech firms with head office in Hungary increased by 41 percent to 944 between 2009 and mid-2012, the Czech Capital Information Agency (CEKIA) said Monday."

HMRC's High Net Worth Unit Rakes In The Cash Tax-News

Sep 13 - "HM Revenue and Customs' (HMRC's) High Net Worth Unit (HNWU) has generated GBP500m (USD806m) in extra tax from the UK's wealthiest people since its launch three years ago."

No free lunch at Amazon Los Angeles Times
Sep 7 - "If you buy a TV set in Nevada or Oregon and drive it to your home in Los Angeles, you still have to add up and send in the tax. Same with online sales. . . . In a few days, though, it's California that will be better off, when it starts to recoup from Amazon some of the tax revenue that has until now gone missing. Let's hope other online retailers, which are also required to eventually charge the sales or use tax, follow suit soon."

Getting economics to acknowledge rentier finance naked capitalism
Sep 11 - "The economics discipline has for the most part managed to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room: that of the role that the financial services industry has come to play..."

UK: Support for a Land Value Tax Ekklesia
Sep 11 - On the "desire to come up with forms of tax that are fair". Reports on "Church Action on Poverty is currently bringing the debate to towns and cities up and down the country through its Tax Justice tour."

Canada the tax haven. You're kidding, right? Pique
Aug 16 - "We are, after all, Canadian. We enjoy the benefits that come with paying more tax — universal single-payer health care, public schools for the handful of kids who still think studying is a better path to success than auditioning for Canadian Idol, a civil service that rarely asks for or takes bribes to discharge their functions, roads that only occasionally damage our cars, things like that."


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