Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Links Sep 18

TJN's opinion on the tax treaties in the finance committee of the Bundestag TJN Germany Blog
Sep 18 - See the submission (in German) by TJN, on the proposed tax treaty between Germany and Switzerland. The treaty is not only ineffective. It also hinders the attempt to extend the EU Savings Directive, a development being blocked by Luxembourg and Austria.

Tackling Tax Evasion - Commission drives point home Europolitics
Sep 18 - "Tackling tax fraud and harmful competition is increasingly important to help resolve the economic crisis that continues to plague the Union, according to Taxation Commissioner Algirdas Semeta". See also Richard Murphy's comment: Europe could begin to close the tax gap if only Austria and Luxembourg stopped supporting tax crime

EU Parliament recommends ‘sunshine’ for extractive deals Global Witness
Sep 18 - Welcoming a European Parliamentary committee vote requiring that EU oil, gas, mining and timber companies publish their payments to governments to help deter corruption.

Momentum Rises to Lift Africa’s Resource Curse New York Times
Sep 14 - Kofi Annan presents important arguments for transparency in the extractives industries, commenting on current developments.

Attacks On Wealth And The Offshore Jurisdictions WealthBriefing
Sep 17 - Wealthy offshore clients are feeling the pressure. Hat tip: James Henry.

Responding to global tax initiatives Cayman Financial Review
Jul 18 - " ... the concept of automatic information sharing between jurisdictions is gaining concurrence... For IFCs such as the Cayman Islands, the provocative question is this: How will this latest global initiative of automatic information sharing affect our financial services industry? What will be our response?"

Belgium Remains Attractive Tax Location For Entrepreneurs Tax-News
Sep 17 - "There have been renewed calls for the Belgian government to honour its pledge and reform the current system of taxation in Belgium, to remove the current disparity between the taxation of labour and the taxation of wealth, and in so doing shake off the country’s image as a 'tax haven'."

USA: A win for transparency over anonymous corporations Boston Globe

Sep 17 - Good article outlining the need for passing the Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act. "Tax dodgers and criminals use anonymous shell corporations to hide financial transactions."

Could we build a better future on a land value tax? Guardian

Sep 16 - "A levy on the value of land regardless of what is on it would encourage efficient use of land within planning permission rules." See also Tax Justice Focus - The Natural Rents Edition.

Tax Justice whatever your age Centre Forum

Sep - While this report is not connected with TJN, we are delighted to see tax justice being debated: "This report has shown that the British tax system does not serve the needs of individuals over their lifetimes, nor meet any sensible definition of a just tax system."


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