Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UK's former top tax man Hartnett ambushed at Oxford dinner by "trespassing scum" giving tax avoidance award

The UK's former top tax man, Dave Hartnett, was ambushed while giving a speech at New College Oxford when a group posing as representatives of the tax-avoiding companies Vodafone and Goldman Sachs burst in to the event to present him with a "Golden Handshake" lifetime achievement award for his services to corporate tax avoidance.

Enjoy the video, which among many other things features an Oxford official called Robert (apparently Robert Venables QC, a corporate tax lawyer), gently ushering the protesters out with the not-so-gentle words, in a voice dripping with condescension
"You will depart immediately, before we set the dogs on you."
They depart, singing "for he's a jolly good fellow . . . and so say Goldman Sachs!"

And at the door, the same official pushes them out with the immortal words:
"You are trespassing scum. Go!"
In the light of the current "Plebs" scandal in the UK, the timing of this is rather unfortunate.
Interestingly, a few people in the Oxford audience appear to be clapping the protesters.

And just look at that list of speakers!  "Tax Planning for Trusts," and much more.

See the full story in The Telegraph.


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