Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Links Oct 10

Singapore Designates Tax Crimes As Money Laundering Tax-News
Oct 10 - "The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued a consultation paper on the designation of tax crimes as money laundering (ML) ‘predicate offences’ in Singapore."

Bangladesh: No to IMF loan, Yes to Tax Justice Equitybd
A civil society network of right groups in Bangladesh is criticising the IMF for pursuing discredited tax policy in Bangladesh, asserting that VAT is regressive to the poor, and in respect of tax policy there should be emphasis on direct tax. Organisations supporting the mobilisation are urged to sign a statement here (scroll down the link for more information on the campaign).

India: Vodafone may get relief in tax dispute The Times of India
Oct 9 - Latest developments on this story: " In a recommendation that could give relief to companies like Vodafone, a government-appointed committee today favoured prospective application of tax law and waiver of interest and penalty in case of retrospective application. "

West Africa: Better Mining Tax Collection to Maximize Development Impact allAfrica
Oct 9 - World Bank press release: "In an effort to ensure that resources from mining have the greatest development impact in resource-rich countries, the World Bank's Oil, Gas and Mining unit recently organized a major capacity-building event on "Improving Mining Tax Collection Administration Frameworks" in West Africa."

Colombians have over $50B in offshore accounts: finance minister Colombia Reports
Oct 9 - Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas revealed that there was more than $50 billion held in offshore accounts that is not contributing to the coffers of the country, but added that the country's new tax reform includes mechanisms to find and demand contributions from those whose money is kept abroad. Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Natural resources: From curse to blessing TJN Germany Blog
Oct 10 - A new campaign video from Micha-Initiative Deutschland makes it shockingly clear how the coltan used for our cell phone funds the war in the Congo, and what can be done about it. The blog points to developments in transparency initiatives.

Rehn calls for end to tax havens yle
Oct 6 - The Vice-President of the EU Commission Olli Rehn has called for an end to tax havens ... A move to abolish tax havens would require a greater harmonization of taxation within the EU."

Will Britain tackle tax evasion? Transparency International
Oct 10 - Commenting on how several "tax havens" fall under UK jurisdiction - "They constitute a major responsibility for Britain, one which is largely avoided."


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