Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Links Oct 2

Rudolf Elmer support campaign Liberté-info
Publishing updated details of Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer's case.

Bid to force vote on tax deals falls short swissinfo

Oct 2 - "Campaigners seeking to scupper Switzerland's bilateral tax deals with Germany, Britain and Austria have failed to gather enough signatures to force a referendum on the issue in November."

Italy: Berlusconi Would Replace Property Tax With Swiss Treaty Tax-News

Sep 28 - Berlusconi declares support for the Swiss treaty ...

Liechtenstein, Germany Conclude Talks Tax-News

Oct 2 - "The tax deal sought by the Liechtenstein government would have some similarities to the withholding tax agreement concluded recently between Germany and Switzerland."

Greece u-turns over 'stolen' Swiss tax data The Economic Times
Oct 1 - "Greece will use a CD allegedly containing details of citizens who have bank accounts in Switzerland to track down tax evaders."

Africa May Have Up to 200 Hidden Billionaires Bloomberg
Sep 26 - “Many of these people escaped to London or other countries in order to preserve their wealth. But it is going to get more and more difficult because of anti- bribery and all the rest that is going on in the U.S. and other parts of the world.”

Glencore accused of slashing tax bill by using complex insurance deals Guardian

Sep 30 - "A leading tax expert - Richard Murphy - has accused Glencore of cutting its UK tax bill by tens of millions of pounds after profits at the commodity trader's London arm were depressed by complex insurance contracts taken out with its own parent."

Romney ‘I Dig It’ Trust Gives Heirs Triple Benefit Bloomberg
Sep 27 - Jesse Drucker on Presidential Candidate Romney's estate and gift tax dodging. Cites a taxation and wealth preservation lawyer: "Romney uses every trick in the book ... It’s going to be harder to do tax planning in the future. He’s bringing attention to things that weren’t getting attention.”


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