Friday, October 26, 2012

Links Oct 26

OECD and ATAF strengthen tax co-operation with Africa OECD
Oct 25 - "The OECD and the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) have signed a Memorandum of Co-operation, agreeing to work together to improve tax systems in Africa."

Argentina: International tax transparency: the role of the AFIP Cronista
Oct 24 - On the Argentine tax authority building structural policies against abuse of tax havens, and promoting efficiency in the exchange of information. Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero.

Singapore To Overtake Switzerland In Wealth Centre Rankings By 2020 WealthBriefing

Oct 26 - "Singapore will overtake Switzerland to become the world’s biggest offshore wealth centre by 2020, according to research on global financial trends from WealthInsight." The report notes that the UK and Channel Islands is currently the second largest offshore player,  in third place is the Caribbean and Panama, followed by Singapore, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong.

Latvia sees good and bad as Russian money haven Reuters
Oct 23 - "Offshore funds flowing from crisis-hit Cyprus have helped boost bank deposits in Latvia, strengthening the small Baltic state's position as an offshore banking centre for neighboring Russia and other ex-Soviet states."

Greece fights eternal battle against tax evasion Deutsche Welle
Oct 25 - Giving a view of the struggle against corruption and tax evasion, and reporting on the "list of shame." Hat tip: Offshore Watch.

See also:
Tax-Evasion Allegations Dog Greece Wall Street Journal

Oct 24 - "A former Greek finance minister on Wednesday accused financial-crime investigators of failing to pursue leads against Greeks who salted away more than €1 billion in Swiss bank accounts, fueling a new round of finger-pointing over Athens' alleged failure to move against wealthy tax dodgers. The controversy has become the hottest of Greece's political hot potatoes."

Merkel’s Swiss Tax Pact Faces Veto as SPD Flexes Pre-Vote Power Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Oct 25 - Reporting on the Swiss/German tax deal, blogged frequently here and on the TJN Germany Blog. The piece highlights the importance of this issue on the German political scene.

See also some links from the TJN Germany Blog

Improving international tax cooperation, action Times of Malta
Oct 25 - " ... the achievement of the combating of offshore tax evasion and abusive international tax transactions, ultimately lies in coordinated action taken on a multilateral level – not in just cooperation and information exchanges. Action will improve compliance and service to taxpayers in concrete and significant ways."

Canadian Senator to Parliamentary Budget Officer: Investigate Tax Havens Canadians for Tax Fairness
Oct 25 - C4TF met with Senator Downe earlier this month to discuss the spiraling impact of tax havens on the Canadian economy.

Philippines: Corona finally faces probers in tax case Rappler
Oct 25 - "Dismissed Chief Justice Renato Corona finally faced prosecutors Thursday, October 25, in a preliminary hearing of a tax evasion case filed against him and members of his immediate family."

Accountable companies build better brands Marketing Week
Oct 25 - "Anyone who thinks that arcane discussions of tax law will not effect brand perception is living in a fantasy world."

UK: Tackling Tax Havens: From your local council to the Cayman Islands Ethical Consumer
Sep 28 - Hear audio from the Ethical Consumer Tax Justice Campaign's conference on corporate tax avoidance. See also: Ethical Conumer Proposals For Procurement Policy for Local Authorities: addressing the use of tax havens by suppliers.

EU divided over tax policies The Hindu Business Line

Oct 21 - "The potential implications of Europe’s widely differing rates have not gone unnoticed and there have been several attempts at more harmonisation, so far with little success." Cites TJN's Markus Meinzer.

Amazon to be stripped of tax advantage on sale of ebooks Guardian
Oct 25 - "Amazon is to be stripped of its huge tax advantage on the sales of electronic books after the European commission ordered Luxembourg to close a VAT loophole."

Liechtenstein: More than a Tax Haven Global Atlanta
Oct 25 - More on the spin of "We are not a tax haven".


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