Monday, October 08, 2012

TJN: European podcast award

Vote for the Tax Justice Network to win the European Podcast Award

The Taxcast, the Tax Justice Network's monthly podcast has been nominated for the European Podcast Award. With your vote we can make it as European Podcast of the Year and get tax justice further into the spotlight where it belongs.

The Taxcast brings you eye-opening news and analysis on the secrets of the tax haven world, 'corruption services' and the shadow banking system. It is produced by global radio journalist @Naomi_Fowler. It began in January 2012 and now has audiences in over 86 countries. It's available online on, reposted on many other sites and broadcast on radio stations from New Orleans to Uganda.

If your local radio station isn't playing it - ask them why not!

If you're a Taxcast listener please vote for it. Voting for nominated podcasts closes in January 2013.)

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   Naomi Fowler

   Taxcast Producer

Update: For latest and previous Taxcasts, see here.


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