Thursday, October 04, 2012

We're Not Broke premieres in Scotland

Her Majesty on a recent visit to Tax Dodging Central

The tax justice film 'We're Not Broke' has just had its European premiere at the Take One Action Film Festival in Edinburgh and Scottish trade unionist Dave Watson was there to take part in the post-film discussion.  You can read his blog here, but the following snippets caught our eye:
 "While the film focuses on the US, there were plenty of messages for us in Scotland and the UK. Not least because many of these tax havens have the Union Jack in their flags. In effect the Queen is the head of the world’s leading tax dodging corporation! Those in the SNP leadership who really think Ireland’s Corporation Tax rate is the way Scotland should go, should also watch the film. It’s done little for the desperate Irish economy and as the US experts pointed out, these corporations are not interested in halving Corporation Tax, they want zero tax. It’s just a race to the bottom."
We often draw attention to Britain's role as the Big Daddy of the global tax haven, but much more needs to be done to draw attention both to Britain's historical role in building its tax haven empire world and to its current role as blocker of international initiatives to roll back on tax havenry.  The sordid Rubik agreement with Switzerland being one example.
Watson also draws attention to the role of accounting firms in advising their clients on tax dodging strategies:
 "Another message for us was the role of the big accountancy companies in oiling the wheels of corporate tax dodging. As an audience member pointed out, these are the very same companies brought in to advise on efficiency in Edinburgh council and others. Again you couldn’t make this up."
We understand that 'We're Not Broke' is being prepared for release in other languages, which is very good news.  Despite its focus on US tax dodging companies, the film covers themes relevant to every country in the world.  We hope to see it coming to a screen near you very soon; watch out for it.


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