Friday, November 02, 2012

'Blackout' imposed as George W. Bush speaks at Cayman Islands investment conference

From NBC:
Organizers of an investment conference in the Cayman Islands have been forbidden from disclosing any details about a speech by former President George W. Bush in the offshore financial haven, an event spokesman said Thursday.

The keynote speech by the former president was "totally closed to all journalists," and conference organizers were banned from discussing any aspect of it even in general terms, spokesman Dan Kneipp said. "We've got a complete blackout on discussing the Bush details," Kneipp told The Associated Press."
Without further comment. Hat tip: Rebecca Wilkins.

except to say that sponsors of the conference include KPMG, arguably the world's most important provider of tax dodging advice, and Deutsche Bank. It costs $4,000 to attend and other speakers include Richard Branson, one of Britain's most avid supporters and users of tax havens.


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