Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From The Bookseller:
Booksellers across the country are displaying “We Pay Our Taxes” posters in their shop windows in a reference to rival company Amazon’s appearance in front of the Public Accounts Committee last week (12th November).

The Booksellers Association has created striking red point-of-sale materials for its IndieBound members to encourage their customers to choose to shop at their local bookshop as opposed to using rival online site Amazon.

The first of the two POS styles reads: “Your Money, Your Bookshop, Your Community", with a stack of pound coins followed by the message “We Pay Our Taxes”; the second features a Union Jack-patterned purse with the message “Can Pay Do Pay!”, followed by “We Pay Our Taxes.”
And the Booksellers' Association website says:
"As part of the BA's Keep Books on the High Street campaign, we are encouraging all our friends and partners in the book trade to take a step in favour of contemporary high street bookshops.  We believe consumers deserve the choice of shopping with their local bookseller, whether on the high street or on their website.  So we urge you to introduce the idea of bookshops to your website visitors."
We would wholeheartedly support this. The use of national flags in campaigns can sometimes be dangerous, but in this instance it's absolutely apt: paying tax is one of the most patriotic things one can do.

Hat tip: @KarolinaSutton


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