Thursday, November 15, 2012

Links Nov 15

U.S.: Tax Dodging Corporations Should Not Drive Fiscal Cliff Solutions TJN-USA
Nov 14 - Statement calling on President Obama to act on corporate tax dodging, citing the IPS report linked earlier. "Seeking advice on the debt from tax dodging companies who are driving the debt doesn't make much sense," said Nicole Tichon, coordinator of the FACT coalition.

Swiss Bankers Defend German Tax Deal Tax-News
Nov 15 - "Swiss banks have vehemently rejected claims by Germany’s main opposition parties that alleged German tax evaders are transferring their assets en masse to other so-called “tax havens", before the bilateral tax agreement enters into force at the beginning of 2013." See also German state rejects Swiss-German tax agreement, "for Deutsche Welle, the tax treaty now “has almost no chance of passing the upper house of parliament in Berlin next week." See also Germany: Death bell for Swiss tax agreement, a fresh dawn for Tax Justice TJN Germany Blog, and German tax officials raid UBS clients' homes swissinfo.

France considers broad tax clampdown on web companies Reuters

Nov 14 - "The French government is discussing how to tax internet companies such as Google and Amazon both at the national and international levels, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. With government finances severely strained across Europe, France, Britain and Germany are intensifying efforts to clamp down on loopholes that allow big international companies to minimize their tax bills."

Keeping tabs on the tax-dodgers euronews
Nov 13 - A map of the latest occurrences of tax non-compliance in Europe, that also includes a recent report on Apple’s tax non-compliance in the U.S. They invite comment for adding to the map, via Facebook or Twitter.

U.S.: Civil Society Organizations Welcome Justice Department and SEC’s Anti-Corruption Guidance FACT Coalition
Nov 14 - "Civil society organizations welcomed today’s release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new guidance for businesses on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the U.S. law that makes it illegal to bribe foreign officials."

U.S. Treasury to lead review of anti-money laundering rules Reuters
Nov 12 - "The Obama administration will review a sprawling net of anti-money laundering rules and seek to correct "gaps, redundancies or inefficiencies," in the U.S. system now more than 40 years old."

Want less inequality? Tax it. American Prospect
On reviving the big idea of British economist Arthur C. Pigou: tax externalities.


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