Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Links Nov 20

Exec braces to tackle tax havens and aggressive tax planning Europolitics
Nov 19 -" The European Commission will present, on 5 December, an action plan to combat tax fraud and evasion in the EU. It will propose, among other measures, that the 27 tackle head-on tax havens and aggressive tax planning."

Switzerland blocks more than 200 requests for tax information from France Le Temps (subscription)
Nov 19 - Of hundreds of requests for information on French taxpayers with holdings in Swiss banks, "very few responses" have been received, despite claims by Switzerland of being willing to provide information to assist in cases of tax evasion.

Dirty Money Paradise Switzerland? Club 2 (In German)
Nov 18 - Discussion on Swiss bank secrecy, includes whistleblower Rudolf Elmer.

Greek-Swiss Bank Tax Deal Hits Snags Greek Reporter
Nov 19 - "Greece has been trying to reach a deal with Swiss authorities and banks there so that Greeks with deposits there can be taxed, but Swiss banks have refused to provide any information, adhering to their infamous secrecy."

Guernsey Foundations Explored In London Tax-News
Nov 20 - Reporting on expansion of wealth management vehicles in Jersey and Guernsey -"...foundations removed some of the uncertainties associated with trusts: ... they gave a multiplicity of control retention mechanisms over key decisions for the founder while offering a higher level of confidentiality than trusts."

Brazil: Sao Paulo ex-mayor guilty of stealing public funds BBC
Nov 17 - "The former mayor of Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, has been found guilty of stealing millions of dollars from public funds and diverting them to his offshore accounts in Jersey."

Illicit Financial Flows (Dirty Money) and Safe Havens as Enablers of Transnational Organized Crime U.S. Department of State
Nov 17 - Great speech by David M. Luna, Director for Anticrime Programs , Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

U.S.: New Poll Shows Tax Fairness Was Important Consideration for 2/3 of Voters Americans for Tax Fairness
Nov 20 - "Voters want to reduce the budget deficit by increasing revenue through progressive tax measures, not by cutting Medicare and Medicaid - 84 percent of voters approve of increasing taxes on the profits American corporations make overseas, to ensure that they pay the same taxes on those as they do on domestic profits."

Little will for reform over tax haven status Belfast Telegraph

Nov 20 - "Ireland's 'tax haven' status is becoming uncomfortable but there's little sign of any real political will for reform."

UK: High-street shops turn fire on Amazon's tax avoidance Guardian
Nov 20 - "Indie booksellers advertise their tax returns in dig at online giant's alleged use of tax havens."

UK: Comet staff demand MPs probe boss Jackson The Sun
Nov 15 - Tabloid newspaper supports worker claims for transparency of financial information on collapse of a high street electricals giant, and its former private equity owners, demanding a parliamentary investigation.


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