Thursday, January 17, 2013

Links Jan 17

Semeta Pushes End To Savings Tax Impasse Tax-News
"European Union (EU) Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta has reiterated calls for Austria and Luxembourg to give up their blockade of plans for a new Savings Tax Directive."

Banking data debate offers no easy answers swissinfo
On Switzerland, and resistance to automatic exchange of information for tax purposes.

Hungary to tax offshore wealth, ask for Swiss help Reuters

"Hungary will start similar talks with other European countries like Austria and notably off-shore haven Cyprus."

Swiss financial leaders invited to G20 meetings swissinfo

"Switzerland has for the first time been invited to take part in this year’s meetings of the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 ... despite not being a member."

Why Switzerland remains trapped in OECD hell Le Temps (In French)
See also: The three points that Switzerland must correct Le Temps

Judge traces millions of Euro held by Luis Bárcenas, former treasurer of ruling party, in Swiss Bank accounts El País (In Spanish)

Government of France: Annual report on the Network of Conventions for Exchange of Information

Limited tax payment disclosure by Shanghai-listed resource companies Global Witness
New research reveals capability and widespread support to strengthen transparency.

Tax ‘theft’ continues as ‘fat cats’ get fatter Zambia Daily Mail

From an article by Nick Mathiason for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Amazon fights $234 million tax liability in Tax Court Reuters

Exposing the lost billions Eurodad / Third World Resurgence

Tax auditors in the spotlight The Jakarta Post

Poorest Three-Fifths of Americans Get Just 18% of the Tax Cuts in the Fiscal Cliff Deal Citizens for Tax Justice


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