Saturday, February 16, 2013

An invitation to Bill Dodwell of Deloittes

Bill Dodwell, who heads tax policy at Deloittes, has come out fighting, demanding some kind of regulation of civil society organisations which engage on international tax matters.  He specifies our partners at Action Aid and Christian Aid, and our research director, Richard Murphy, himself a chartered accountant with very considerable experience and knowledge of international tax matters.

Richard has blogged a response to Mr Dodwell here.  For our part we would simply invite Mr Dodwell to submit his proposal for how civil society should be regulated.  TJN is totally transparent in the way it operates and our research work is rigorously scrutinised by internal and external experts.  We are intrigued by the thought of what specific proposals Mr Dodwell has in mind.  We will, of course, blog whatever he submits.


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