Friday, February 01, 2013

Links Feb 1

France: Annual Report of the Government on the Network of Agreements on Exchange of Information

Maldives to establish offshore finance center with ADB assistance
Minivan News

Philippines: Senate drops tax evasion as Anti-Money Laundering Act ‘predicate crime’ Business Mirror

Tax Evasion Wiping Out Real Estate Market Greek Reporter

Greece eyes accounts of suspected tax evaders Huffington Post
The Greek government wants to give tax authorities the power to empty the bank accounts of accused tax evaders, even if they have not been convicted.

The Fiscal and Economic Risks of Territorial Taxation Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Wealthiest Americans Pay Half the Effective Tax Rate That Poorest Pay in State and Local Taxes; Middle-Income Families Also Pay More Citizens for Tax Justice

Low tax Financial Centres and the Financial Crisis: The Case of the Irish Financial Services Centre Trinity College Dublin

UK: Jackpot! Bookies avoid £1bn tax The Independent

Big gambling firms are using tax havens – and Treasury still hasn't closed loophole

Russia: Swiss tax haven is over RT

Can Russia be a tax haven for wealthy Europeans? Russia beyond the headlines

Exposing the lost billions Eurodad

Barclays boss waives bonus as bank rocked by new Qatar allegations Guardian

Bank probes find manipulation in Singapore's offshore FX markets Fox Business

Offshore financial advisers ‘overwhelm’ LinkedIn expat group International Adviser


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