Monday, February 11, 2013

Links Feb 11

Canada: Reports on House of Commons Finance Committee Tax Haven Hearing: Canadians for Tax Fairness
In Canada's Parliament: Tax Haven Question - But Not Much of an Answer
Parliament's Tax Haven Investigation: Day One
MPs Begin Tax Haven Hearing

The Mailbox of Southern Europe Volkskrant (In Dutch, + subscription required)
Volkskrant researched 83 large companies from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece, from the Forbes 2000 list - over half these multinationals have a mailbox-BV in the Netherlands. Most of the letterbox companies have been registered in the Netherlands since 2000. Hat tip: Koos de Bruijn

Pursuing tax evaders in Argentina LatinDADD (In Spanish)
See also: Argentina asks the G20 to reform the IMF and the global financial system TJN Latin America & Caribbean

Beneficial Ownership and Control, A Comparative Study - Disclosure, Information and Enforcement OECD
See also: commentary from Tax Research UK -  Unless we know who owns companies corruption follows, and even the OECD is hinting at that now

China’s government unveils a sprawling plan to fight inequality The Economist

Norway’s national oil company Statoil withholds support from US anti-transparency lawsuit Global Witness

UBS Faces USD1.2bn Back Taxes In Brazil Tax-News

Luxembourg's Finance Minister Seeks 'Credible' Financial Center

U.S.: Bill Clinton Calls for US Companies to Send Home Billions Banked Offshore
The Nation

Political and business leaders fighting VAT in Turks and Caicos caribbean360

UK: Barclays closes controversial tax avoidance unit
Bank caves into criticism with move, but still risks anger by paying £2bn in bonuses to staff.

Transfer Pricing: Bring on the whistleblowers The Global Legal Post
Hat tip: Offshore Watch


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