Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Links Feb 20

India cracks down on taxation of transfers within foreign firms Reuters

Britain and the U.S. are amongst the biggest tax havens tportal (In Croatian)

Help combat tax avoidance across the world, Christian Aid urges UK Government
Christian Aid press release

Paulson Leads Funds to Bermuda Tax Dodge Aiding Billionaires Bloomberg

Tax deal targets offshore evaders in Isle of Man BBC

Country-by-Country reporting requirements are making progress despite Germany
TJN Germany Blog
Commenting on a report in the Financial Times.

Facebook getting a $429m tax refund even though it owes $559m America Blog

Malawi to lose more revenue due to illicit financial flows nyasa times

The cost of maintaining the benefits of a state like Norway actibva (In Spanish)

Tax havens: Revenue Qu├ębec collects crumbs canoe (In French)

In sports, finances and life, impulse to cheat is strong Baltimore Sun


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