Thursday, February 21, 2013

LInks Feb 21

City Of London Seeks Stronger Partnership With Dubai Tax-News

The Myths of the British Tax Isles A Third Opinion

For the record, the Isle of Man is still a tax haven Tax Research UK

Silvio Berlusconi promises tax refund in mailshot The Guardian
The former prime minister's initiative, which drew accusations of foul play and even criminal wrongdoing from adversaries, appeared to be a final attempt to win over undecided voters before Italy's general election.

Tax havens let billions vanish into thin air
The Sacramento Bee
Op-ed by David Cay Johnston

Who Pays the Corporate Income Tax
The New York Times

Facebook Status Update: A $429 Million Tax Rebate, Compliments of U.S. Taxpayers Citizens for Tax Justice

See also:
Facebook’s K Street friends deliver windfall Salon
Zuckerberg's lobbyists help reduce the already-low corporate tax rate, while preserving huge loopholes.

Eyes Turn to Corporate Tax Abuse as US Senator Tackles Tax Haven Crackdown The International

Who’s Afraid of Inversion? U.S. PIRG
New Analysis: Stopping Corporations from Shifting Profits to Tax Havens Won’t Drive Companies Overseas

Amazon's tax avoidance reaches Germany TJN Germany blog

Quelle Surprise! The Administration Wants You to Believe it is Serious About Prosecuting Banks naked capitalism

Ukraine And EBRD Discuss Tax Corruption Tax-News

Governor wins legal review in Tempura secrets battle Cayman News Network
Update on the story of Operation Tempura in Cayman, a corruption case highlighting alleged misgovernance between Britain and its offshore financial centres.

Mapping G20 Decisions Implementation: How G20 is delivering on the decisions made Heinrich Boell Stiftung


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