Friday, February 22, 2013

Links Feb 22

Summary of Secret structures, hidden crimes: Urgent steps to address hidden ownership, money laundering and tax evasion from developing countries - Spanish version Eurodad

Future of private bankers under the microscope
The number of traditional, family-run private bankers in Switzerland is shrinking from a Second World War rate of around 60 to just nine.

See also:
History bites back at Swiss private banking swissinfo

Political Corruption and Media Retribution in Spain and Greece The Nation

Disappearing Diamonds 100 reporters
Great report highlighting the role of shell companies in conflict diamonds.

EU banks face strict transparency rules Financial Times (Subscription required)
European banks are facing the threat of having to reveal their taxes and profits on a country-by-country basis in the latest twist to the EU negotiations over rules to make banks safer.

Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year? Bloomberg

Big Companies Fear Offshore Tax Fallout

Seniors and Veterans to Crash ‘Fix the Debt’ Party Hosted by Honeywell CEO
The Nation

Big four accountants 'insufficiently independent and sceptical' of City The Guardian

UK new scourge of tax havens, favourite tax location for big business

Cayman Seeks To Quash Fund Investment Taboo Tax-News

Serbia has plans to prevent tax evasion SE Times

Technology whizz kid tackles Greek tax evasion Reuters

India: Private universities being probed for alleged tax evasion The Hindu Business Line

Tax avoidance: Legality vs morality Al Jazeera

Israeli Banks Said to Be Implicated in U.S. Tax Evasion

Tackling tax havens; a fight to continue Les Echos (In French)

Christians urged to fast from tax-dodging companies during Lent Ekklesia
"Christians are being encouraged to do no business with tax-dodging corporations such as Amazon and Starbucks for the duration of Lent, as a public witness against the sins of corporate tax avoidance."


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