Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Links Feb 26

Taxation, Bank Leverage, and Financial Crises IMF
Greater tax bias is associated with significantly higher aggregate bank leverage, and that this in turn is associated with a significantly greater chance of crisis
Talking Ten years of Tax Justice in Brussels. Tax Research

50% Increase in Zambia's Mining Revenues EITI

The evils of tax havens Business World - Philippines
The Philippines has probably suffered more than most. See Chapter 2 in Jim Henry's The Blood Bankers.

Tax evasion, bribery and price-fixing: How Samsung became the giant that ate Korea The Independent

Fighting evasion: Commission launches consultations on EU Taxpayer's Code and EU Tax Identification Number Europa

EU probe into so-called revolving door practice The Parliament
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Romanian Police dismantle EUR 2.5 million tax evasion, money laundry ring Romanian Insider

Scottish Labour to hit out at tax-dodging companies Daily Record
Let's hope the Labour party, UK-wide, can rediscover its tax mojo following the Blair era 

Diego Maradona returns to Italy for tax evasion case Daily Record

Celebrity Tax Woes The Washington Post

New moves to tax corporate offshore havens People's World

Why we must cap banker bonuses Re-Define


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