Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Links Feb 6

Tax avoidance blamed for Africa’s loss of resource income Business Report

Shell India Denies Transfer Pricing Abuse Tax-News
See Richard Murphy's comment here.

Dell’s Gigantic Tax Dodge Slate
The biggest leveraged buyout since the financial crisis is more about accounting than business strategy.

U.S.: Levin Introduces Another Anti-Offshore Bill Into US Senate Tax-News

See also: Analysis: Carried interest thrust again into tax debate Reuters

A big tax break that benefits U.S. private equity and venture capital executives is under threat again, and this time the chances of preserving it may have dimmed.

See also: Levin Corporate Loophole Plan in U.S. Raises $200 Billion Bloomberg

U.S. government slams S&P with $5 bln fraud lawsuit Reuters
First lawsuit by U.S. govt against a ratings agency, and one of biggest cases yet related to the financial crisis fallout.

BAE rejects calls for fresh Saudi investigation The Telegraph
BAE Systems rejected calls for an investigation into allegations that the company’s former chairman acquired two luxury properties from offshore companies linked to a Saudi defence deal.

Belgium is tax haven for multinationals Expatica
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Friends of the Earth says UK Chancellor creating 'bonanza' for oil firms Guardian
Tax breaks worth almost £1bn lead FoE to accuse the chancellor of 'bending over backwards to help the big oil barons'.

Elected politicians vote against VAT in Turks & Caicos Islands Cayman News Service

Australia: Name and shame: tax transparency plans Sydney Morning Herald
See also recent blog Australian NGOs call for greater transparency for multinationals


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