Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Links Mar 19

Cypriot Tax Regime Sabotaged In EU Bailout Tax-News

Global Wealthy Question Tax Havens After Cyprus CNBC
If your account is secret, where can you go for recourse when things go badly wrong?

Jersey and Guernsey are circling like vultures over the carcass of Cyprus Tax Research UK

HSBC accused of aiding tax evasion in Argentina The Independent

A paradise for money laundering Pagina12 (In Spanish)
On the Vatican's money laundering scandals, and measures to address the issue that do not appear to have shown much in the way of progress. Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

See also:
Vatican Financial Oversight Director: 'Church Strengthens Position By Combating Money Laundering' Der Spiegel
Interview: with René Brülhart, director of the Vatican's Financial Information Authority (FIA), Swiss lawyer, and former head of Liechtenstein's financial intelligence unit.

TJN-opinion on cross-border tax planning in the finance committee of the Bundestag TJN Germany Blog

Corruption in Malaysia laid bare as investigation catches Sarawak’s ruling elite on camera Global Witness
A film, shot undercover during the investigation, shows the instruments used by the ruling Taib family and its lawyers to skirt Malaysia’s laws and taxes.

Shell knew that US$1.1 billion payment was destined for convicted money launderer Global Witness

India: Money laundering case - Forty bankers face axe if inquiry proves violation The Economic Times

Tanzania: War against capital flight vital in taming poverty The Citizen

Cayman To Conclude Model 1 US, UK FATCA Pacts Tax-News

Guernsey Commits To UK 'Son Of FATCA' Pact Tax-News

UK: You think the government is fighting tax avoidance? Think again The Guardian
UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has pulled off a stunning confidence trick: he has bamboozled people into thinking he is fighting tax dodgers

US: House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's Latest Budget Plan Would Give Millionaires a Tax Cut of $200,000 or More Citizens for Tax Justice

US: Business Roundtable CEOs Push To Limit Taxes On Record-Breaking Offshore Profits Huffington Post

The cult of the superstar banker is alive and well The Guardian


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