Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Links Mar 20

The Senate’s Muckraker The New York Times
Op-ed on Senator Carl Levin and his forthcoming retirement.

Tax havens and global impoverishment Al Jazeera
"People of the world are uniting to end the tax theft at the heart of global inequality and impoverishment."  See also earlier report Taking on the tax havens

Argentina: Denouncing the conspiracy between HSBC and businesses to evade taxes TJN Latin America and Caribbean (In Spanish)

HSBC Faces Criminal Charges in Argentina The Progressive Press

Cyprus Isn't Even Such a Big Offshore Bank Haven BloombergBusinessweek. True, in relative terms, though the story seriously underestimates the true scale of offshore.

The Cypriot government has betrayed its people The Telegraph

EU Chooses Bank Runs Over Fighting Tax Haven Cyprus Business Insider
Note the closing point here - "Cyprus was already a tax haven when it joined the EU in 2004. Germany, and the other 14 members of the EU at the time, knew this when they voted to approve Cyprus' membership ..."

Indian firms' subsidiaries in Cyprus face bank tax hit Business Standard

French Budget Minister Jerome Cahuzac resigns after tax fraud probe The Telegraph

Jersey signs Fatca agreement with UK Citywire
See comment by Richard Murphy here

Promoting investigative journalism in Pakistan, one tax return at a time Reuters
On the investigative journalist who exposed Pakistan's tax cheating politicians, and the dangers he confronts.

The European Parliament Secures Bank Transparency Task Force Blog

Picking Through The Rubble Of Wegelin's Demise In US WealthBriefing

Switzerland: Tax and banking cause concern for expats swissinfo

Apple Seen Raising Dividend More Than 50% BloombergBusinessweek

UK: National Audit Office chief accused of undermining judge's tax review Guardian
Britain's most senior auditor said inquiry into 'sweetheart' multi-million pound deals between HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and corporations would find 'nothing of substance'

No tax for Castle Howard painting as judge rules it is 'plant or machinery' The Telegraph

One of the secrets to Carnival Cruise’s unsinkable business model: free Coast Guard rescues Quartz
See also: Ship Isn't The Only Thing That Stinks At Carnival: Low Tax Rate Stirs Ire Forbes


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