Friday, March 22, 2013

Links Mar 22

Why I would go to jail for my journalistic beliefs The Guardian
: "Journalism in Greece has had nothing to do with the truth of late, as my trial for publishing a list of potential tax dodgers shows."

Former Cayman Islands premier charged in corruption probe Reuters
Charges highlight the corruption risk to the offshore sector.

Germany’s offshore money and the hacker who helped expose it Quartz
Particularly embarrassing time for Germany’s elite to have their offshore investments exposed, due to the role their country played in Europe’s bungled Cyprus bailout.

See also:
Panama 'tax haven' for wealthy Germans The Local

EU fails to agree oil, gas anti-corruption law TrustLaw

US gets more access to Credit Suisse client data swissinfo
See also: Swiss banks face US Libor lawsuit and Credit Suisse CEO’s pay rises by one third

Switzerland Must Remain Competitive, Swiss Bankers Association Survey Underlines Tax-News
Survey "found that protecting financial privacy and addressing unresolved tax and market access issues remains vitally important for the Swiss population as a whole".

A historic vote: French Senate adopts a new amendment on country-by-country transparency in banking law Alternatives Economiques (In French) See also: Senate targets tax havens and hedge funds Les Echos

Singapore denies being haven for Malaysian tax cheats Inquirer
Yet more of "We are not a tax haven". The claim follows the Global Witness report, linked earlier.

Canada: Whistleblowers will get cash rewards for helping nab tax cheats Montreal Gazette

Treasure Island Trauma: Cyprus Treasure Islands

UK: Auditing the auditor-general Private Eye
Hat tip: Richard Brooks "Britain's dodgiest tax deal and the big cover-up"

Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man: the UK’s official estimate of their personal tax abuse Tax Research UK

Ghostbusting: phantom firms and dodgy deals ONE

U.S. Treasury wants banks to peer behind shell companies Reuters

Slovak PM denounces ‘fashion’ of not paying taxes EurActiv

Links from TJN Germany Blog

Finance and the future: post 2015 global development goals require new economic norms and targets Eurodad

Global financial flows, aid and development Eurodad

Investigative Dashboard
Looks interesting: a space for investigators to find resources, share information, and learn new ‘tricks of the trade’.


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