Monday, March 25, 2013

Links Mar 25

ActionAid calls for post-15 development panel to address domestic taxation
Press release on a new ActionAid briefing paper, Bringing taxation info the post-2015 development framework

See also:
Tax emerges as crucial issue in post-2015 development talks The Guardian

Tax Fairness on the agenda but .... Canadians for Tax Fairness
Analysis of The Canadian Federal Budget, tabled on Thursday, March 21. Much more needs to be done, especially on tax havens.

Alvin Mosioma: "For every $1 dollar that flows into Africa, $10 flows back out ' Vice Versa (In Dutch)

Sarkozy under formal investigation Economist Blog
Former French president's involvement in the Bettencourt case, a saga that mixes alleged tax evasion, a tropical island, domestic servants, fabulous wealth and political party-financing.

U.S." Web Money Gets Laundering Rule The Wall Street Journal

Dealing with tax avoidance "down under" economia
Proposing that the UK should look to the Australian model for tackling tax avoidance.

Austrian Lawmakers Back Tax Deals With Liechtenstein Tax-News

Amazon tax petition hits 100,000 signatures The Guardian

Alcoa and Norðurál Pay Little Or No Income Tax In Iceland The Reykjavik Grapevine
Involving complicated chains of ownership, using Delaware and Luxembourg.

Yachts Lured To Croatia By EU Accession VAT Perk Tax-News

The super-rich who have made Cyprus their home The Guardian


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